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Shabbat Unplugged

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07.23.18Lea Riddoch

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02.01.18Penni Sears


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10.17.17Stan Schertzer

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05.25.16Daniel Wikler

I just paid you $3.50 for the sheet music to Yismechu. I would like to download it now. Please send instructions (or the sheet music) ASAP. Thank you.

03.18.16The Maestro Stan

Did I receive this email from A Lazy Dog Production?


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01.24.11Raquel Swanson

Good afternoon. I'm looking to try and order the CD Shabbat Unplugged for Cantor Audrey Abrams. Do you have "hard copy" CDs, or only the downloadable from the website?

Thank you for your time and attention,

Raquel Swanson

11.17.10Tiffany Reevior

I am writing an article on the new Shabbat Unplugged CD for Framingham Patch, a soon-to-be-launched website run by AOL which will cover Framingham news. I would love to find out more about the CD and ask a couple questions over the phone or by email. My deadline is Friday night. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Tiffany Reevior
Freelance Journalist

07.16.09Judy Seplowin

Stan! OMG! Are you selling your music? I LOVE Ahavat Olam and I love the Adon Olam - would love to hear the Mi Chamocha! Possible to purchase one copy of the Adon Olam and the Mi Chamocha for a "look-see?" 2 copies for Ahavat Olam? Sounds like piano and solo? Hope your foot is healing well...best to Jo!

04.12.09Leah Sbardella

WOW Dad! Your music lights up the world =) I love you


Love that the music is the Ahavat Olam!